Moore County Republican Men's Club

Socially distanced but never Socialists

Monthly luncheons resume Thursday, August 20

The Country Club of North Carolina | 12 noon

Civil rights champion Clarence Henderson and members of the Fredrick Douglass Foundation of NC have embarked on an ambitious statewide plan to impact the outcome of the 2020 election by spreading their conservative message of faith, school choice and entrepreneurship to minority youth throughout the state, including Moore County.  

The success of this effort requires aggressive funding. Republican businessman and 2020 Board of Education candidate David Hensley and spouse Lisa Dishman have pledged to match every dollar donated up to $25,000. 

The Faith & Freedom Coalition will then match all funds raised with out-of-state money up to $50,000. So, the $25,000 we raise will become $100,000 to support a vital minority outreach. And then there is this: your donations are tax deductible.

A key element of the social media outreach is tied to a platform entitled Think Before You Vote. Learn more at To contribute toward the $100,000 goal, click the tab below:

Honored guest:

Civil rights champion Clarence Henderson

Special guest:

U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop, Candidate for re-election, NC-9

Help raise $100,000 to recruit young voters ahead of November 

An initiative led by David Hensley, the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NC and the Faith & Freedom Coalition

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