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Since The Moore County Republican Men’s Club has no formal meeting in July, we wanted to get together and have fun at the ballpark. This Sunday, July 7th join us at the Sandhills Bogey's stadium for a night of baseball, free to all members and one guest.  

The Sandhills Bogeys were established in the year of 2022 when they played their inaugural season in The Old North State League. The Bogeys play their games at Sandhills Community College. They were League Champions in 2022 and won their division in 2023.  They currently sit in pole position in their division after a slow start.

Registration Starts: 11:30 a.m. ($25)
Deadline to register is August 6:00 p.m.


Wayne Vest

   Moore County Manager, Wayne Vest, will give a “State of the County Address” to our May 16th men’s club luncheon.   The rapid population growth – projections of the County having a population of 170,000 by 2050 – poses many challenges for Moore County Government.  He will give us insights as to county planning to meet those near, mid-term and long-term challenges.  Our program promises to give our membership insights on county public policy to meet those challenges.  We hope to see you there.


   Wayne is a proud Moore County native, having grown up in West End, graduating from Pinecrest High School, and obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina State University.  After initially working as a manager in the manufacturing sector, Mr. Vest joined Moore County Government in 1998, beginning his local government career in the Tax Department and subsequently working up to his current position of County Manager.  Mr. Vest lives in Southern Pines with his wife and two children ages 15 and 12; he loves serving as the County Manager and strives to ensure exceptional delivery of services is provided to all Moore County citizens.



Brandon Arnold

Leah Vikmir

Join us as we host Brandon Arnold, a frequent guest on Fox News and Fox Business Channel, and Leah Vikmir, a former state legislator and GOP Senate nominee from Wisconsin, about how they are working to protect taxpayers in Washington, across states, and in the courts from egregious tax and spending increases.

The Men's Club Would Like To Thank Last Month's Speakers:

Michele Morrow

  Michele Morrow, Candidate for NC State Superintendent of DPI will joined us as our guest speaker on April 18, 2024.


  Michele has 16 years of classroom homeschooling experience, and she has expertise in developing robust high school curricula for civics, history, science, and English. 


  In Michele's view, all children possess unique strengths and talents to bring to the community. She believes it is North Carolina's education leaders' job to create policies and remove barriers that will help develop these attributes. This will put every child on a path to critical thinking and prosperity.

Jack Clark

Jack is the only candidate running for State Auditor who is educated, trained, and experienced in auditing. He is the only candidate with a Masters in Accounting, a CPA, and audit experience. Jack understands the mindset and approach the State Auditor must bring to the position. Legal experience does not prepare someone for auditing. Do not be misled: Jack is the only truly qualified candidate.

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Starting this month the Moore County Republican Men's Club will be giving away free tickets to new members who join the club!  Print out the application below to become a member, and claim your free tickets for you and someone else to see the Sandhills Bogeys.



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Join fellow Moore County conservatives gathered for a weekly review of issues and events.

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Our Moore County GOP respects our Constitution and believes in American Exceptionalism. 




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