Note to First Time Attendees:  When you enter the gate at CCNC please let the guard know you are attending the Republican Men's Club Luncheon.

Moore County Republican Men's Club

Event Reservation

Food wastage will drive up prices.  Too many unexpected attendees can exceed the available food prepared.  And, CCNC provides seating and seating arrangements based on the advance reservations by our members.  Lastly, the Men's Club has to pay for any reservations which are "no-shows".

So having an accurate RSVP count is very important to your Men's Club and to the Country Club of NC.  Calling Captains work very hard to contact all of our members and to collect reservation information so that our luncheon meetings go smoothly.

However, sometimes the Calling Captains cannot make contact with a member for one reason or another.  And sometimes, our members have difficulty reaching their Calling Captain.  The form below provides an alternative means of giving us your reservation so that we and the CCNC staff can properly plan and arrange for all attendees, ensuring the best possible experience and minimizing wastage of expensive food and work.

Please fill out the following simple form which will generate an email to our reservations crew and which will send a confirmation email to you showing all the information that you entered.  Your personal information will not be shared with anyone; it will only be used to properly plan and prepare for the meeting.  ​

Please Note: If you are making a reservation  after the Wednesday prior to the Luncheon, please do not use this website. RSVP form.  Instead, please call 910.420.8181

Calling Colonel


Calling Captains:

Tom Beddow            (910)295-2745

Dave Devore             (910)-215-9246
Neil Godfrey              (910)-949-2439
Bill Graning                (910)-235-0535
Roger Hicks              (910)-947-5527
Don Hiscott               (910)-295-9544
Jack McVey               (910)-295-6748

Glen Roat                   (910) 215-0897
John Rowerdink       (910) 235-0644
Andy Rueb               (910)-295-4908

Did you not get a call from your Calling Captain?  If not you should call 910-295-3804 

if you want to get back on the calling list.  We want everyone on the list that wants to be there.

Become a member of our calling team. Call today and volunteer.  Call 910-295-3804 ​