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To Z or not to Z

By Steve Woodward

Summer reading, aka, short subjects.

Subject 1

We live in a time — now — during which what is trending is at once hilarious and terrifying.

Go to the back of the alphabet to understand more deeply. Generation Z. That we must acknowledge there is nothing after the letter Z is alarming enough. But get a load of these Zs. Born between 1997 and 2012. There are 68 million of them, and it’s safe to say the sector born between 1997 – 2001, college graduates eligible to enter the workforce, formerly known as “life”, are even more annoying than citizens born in 1996, let alone even the older, wiser among us.

We are learning that corporations, agencies, small businesses, are torn. They need to hire Gen Z but the talent pool is, shall we say, thin. The Zs do not know how to dress, how to show up for work, how to communicate and how to participate in an office environment. The Office, a television series of great renown, seems old school in contrast to the challenges management confronts with these Gen Z snowflakes.

Gen Z views the workplace as an eight-hour-a-day therapy session. Read more.

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