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By Steve Woodward

I observe with astonishment the willful desire of fellow Americans to exist in a vacuum outside of which exists reality.

Yes, I know, this signals a certain arrogance, or a dampening of spirits. But I can’t get over it.

So with that said I am retreating to a summer mountain paradise for awhile. I will continue to monitor our broken culture via social media and podcasts. I am not cutting the cord, writing poetry or imposing on my body a violent juice cleanse. I will enter my WiFi password within minutes of inhabiting our temporary home. And re-engage.

The objective is mainly to escape the oppressive humidity of the Sandhills for a few weeks. I do not view climate change as an imperative. If I desire a different climate, I travel until I find it. In my case, west, and ascending to a place where morning fog is welcome and mental clarity is achievable.

This journey still fails to deliver me from the vacuum, as much as I try. I do not dwell in it but it surrounds me. It’s not about me, really. It’s our culture. It is a weakened culture. It is a vulnerable culture. If the Marxist Left that infiltrates our politics, our education system and our entertainment industry was properly acknowledged, Americans would put on ideological masks and submit to quarantines to protect our communities and families from this perpetual “virus”. Read more.

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