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Global coup d'etat

By Steve Woodward

Vaunted mRNA vaccines, brought to the fore by President Trump's Operation Warp Speed, have disappointed millions who were assured (as was Trump) by their makers that these shots were a "one and done" solution to protection from the Wuhan Virus.

This has proven to be wildly inaccurate, but available data did not stop The Wall Street Journal from devoting three-quarters of its December 4-5, 2021, opinion page to "The Vast Promise of mRNA Technology".

Broadly, this vast promise might in fact be realized in years to come but the Journal's unpaid advertisement for Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna overlooks warnings about unintended or unforeseen consequences of vaccines and endless boosters. (Click here to watch an excellent deep dive into mRNA shortcomings by local investigative reporter Bill Still).

Mainstream media and heavily censored social media platforms have zero tolerance for vaccine debates. Recently, Twitter red flagged a link to an American Heart Association Journal site, where a physician posted an abstract linking mRNA shots to acute coronary syndrome. Read more.

One might assume mRNA pioneer Robert Malone would be held up as a leading authority on the vaccines' evolution before our eyes, but Malone has been forced to rely on alternative media platforms to share his dire warning: COVID/Wuhan virus vaccination has become subverted by a global totalitarian movement that has no interest in restoring public health or confidence.

In recent appearances on the Real America's Voice streaming network's "War Room", including on December 4, 2021, Malone echoes a largely ignored warning by Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano of "a global coup d'etat in which a financial and ideological elite has succeeded in seizing control of ... media, the judiciary, politicians and religious leaders (by assuring) power, money and social affirmation." This is must viewing. Click here.

There is subtle evidence here in the U.S. that absolute mandates and deprivation of personal and medical liberty is becoming the norm, with a constant drumbeat of vaccine requirements but never discussion of how to treat cases of the Wuhan virus with proven therapeutics. Anecdotally, in Moore County, it is all but impossible to find a prescription of the proven therapeutic Ivermectin.

An example of this iron boot approach comes to us from the National Football League. A member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recently was the target of snitching by a personal assistant, who was suspicious about Antonio Brown's vaccine documentation. The NFL launched an "investigation" and determined the snitcher was on to something. Brown and two other players were suspended for three games for daring to evade a vaccine they do not want in their (very) healthy bodies.

Two "sportswriters" with The Wall Street Journal decided the story was less about Brown and mostly about a most regrettable reality, that "it's actually quite difficult in the U.S. to determine whether someone's paper vaccination record is authentic -- even for a mighty power like the NFL."

They lament further that "there's no single database tracking Covid-19 vaccination in the U.S." and that "the biggest issue for employers is that they can't go to any of these databases to double check that a card is real. Vaccine records are generally considered confidential."

Before the archbishop's warning of a totalitarian plot spawned by a war on Covid-19 goes global it will take root right here, beneath our noses, trampling freedom and medical confidentiality.

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