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Prod month

By Steve Woodward

On this date 79 years ago Joe Biden was a toddler and, across the Atlantic Ocean, the defining U.S.-led offensive of World War II roared to life along the French coast near Normandy.

It is an anniversary during which every American can attempt to remember our country when citizens were proud of our military servicemen, when we knew who the bad guys were and when we believed in our exceptionalism.

In today’s poisoned culture D-day is not the focus as June begins. Corporations, politicians, educators and the media instead are fixated on B-gay. Many Americans no longer care if our military is equipped to defend freedom but they’ll suck the oxygen out of the air lamenting whether it is adequately woke.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s pride month across America and there’s no escaping the rainbows and unicorns. Crack open a cold Bud Light, sit back and witness our crumbling culture.

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